Over 80 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to veteran’s benefits.

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Help SERV provide affordable housing to Military Veterans.

All donations are tax deductable and help to provide affordable housing  to veterans and their families throughout Illinois.

About Us

We’re a small organization of vets and volunteers dedicated to providing a road to self sustainability for some of our country’s finest men and women.  As a not-for-profit we work to acquire housing at low costs and through tax-deductable donations , make any needed repairs and upgrades, then place qualified veterans in those homes.  We work to provide a path for qualified vets to purchase homes or simply a find place to get on their feet and move on to other opportunities.  In addition to housing, our not-for-profit network makes referrals to other local and national veterans’ outreach programs for things like employment, education  and training.  Those who’ve served have given so much.  This is our chance to give back. 

Our board of directors and volunteers have a diverse background that include real estate, technology, business management, social work, sales, marketing, and politics.  They’ve committed themselves to working to help our vets.

BIOs for SERV Board

Jon Soderstrom is founder and Chairman of SERV’s  Board of Directors.  As owner of Red Carpet Enterprises, Inc. and Gratefldiver, Inc., Jon brings over thirty years of professionalism, as well as a history of dedication and entrepreneurship realizing our mission.  Jon previously served as chairman for a not for profit organization and that experience, combined with his real estate know how, should enable SERV to achieve its objectives. 

Joseph Caccitolo, Treasurer, is currently Director of Operations for a private real estate investment firm with holdings in Illinois and Iowa.  Joe is also the President of Caccitolo Partners, LLC, which provides strategy, finance and public relations consulting services. Joe completed his MBA in 2007 and is currently working on his PsyD in Business Psychology.

Corey Dean, Secretary, has accumulated twenty years of sales, technology, project and personnel management experience and has a solid record of identifying and solving problems within organizations.  As the Director of the Project Management Office for a proprietary options trading firm, Corey’s responsibilities included executive management, staff management, project management, strategic planning, budgeting and vendor management.  Corey earned his MIS, Project Management in 2006.


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