“It’s not just me that you’d be helping. You’d be helping the people that depend
on me.”

Naval Veteran discussing SERV program

We need your help!

Help SERV provide affordable housing to Military Veterans.

All donations are tax deductable and help to provide affordable housing  to veterans and their families throughout Illinois.

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Getting a good handle on the problems facing US Military Veterans is tough. Veterans are a different breed, they’re the best of the best and they’re as tough as they come. This has caused an under reporting in the numbers of veterans facing hardships of every kind. We’ve all heard the old saying that in the military every meal is a banquet, every bunk a palace and every paycheck a fortune. It is a sense of shared sacrifice that keeps our men and women strong while serving; but when the mission has ended for many veterans, the adjustment back home can be difficult. That is the time when SERV Hearts and Homes, Inc. can help.

SERV Hearts and Homes, Inc. was created  to provide low/no cost housing options to qualified US Military veterans. The organization was founded by real estate and investment professionals and veterans that decided to donate their expertise to help those who’ve put their lives on the line for all of us. Our mission is one of giving back by providing veterans and their families a place of their own at a price they can afford.

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